The most Famous quotes for Festivals with beautiful wishes .

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  1. “The area was encompassed in a bubble of warm, fragrant steam from the funnel cake deep fryers. It smelled like sweet vanilla cake batter you licked off a spoon.”
    Sarah Addison Allen


  1. Hope everyone will kill their inside ravan today,
    For Nature,
    For Animals,
    For Humanity,
    on this great day.
    Happy dushera to everyone”
    ― Kuldeep Chauhan




  1. “Here too, as in the Commune almost a century earlier, the struggle was articulated around the hope that 'the antithesis between the everyday and the Festival--whether of labour or of leisure--will no longer be a basis for society.”
    ― Tom McDonough




  1. “Festivals are occasions to empower ourselves in the course of humanity - they are the occasions to rekindle the promise of humanity in our heart - the promise that we keep forgetting in the cacophony of manmade labels.”
    ― Abhijit Naskar




  1. “This Diwali; empower someone to enjoy the Festival of Lights, by making their life bright.”
    ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, 






  1. “Throughout the year, in all regions, in all seasons; we HINDUS find reasons, to worship almost anything and everything, anyone and everyone; from people to Gods; from animals to plants; from planets to stars. So our spirits are always high with small surprises of life, we cherish meeting and greeting people, for in SANATAN DHARMA we celebrate every aspect of being human. We believe Bhagwan (God) is in every single particle and OM is in every single ATOM of the universe.”
    ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, 




  1. “The world, and we as a part thereof, are the carnival mask on the face of Nonbeing.”
    ― Giannis Delimitsos


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